A car is known for its performance and the performance of a vehicle depends upon its engine. In order to increase the performance of the car, one of the easiest ways is to replace the factory exhaust system with the unique and customized one.  Experience the highly dynamic functions in your exhaust system by optimizing each part of the exhaust system in exactly the way it has to be.
Fox skyline offers an inimitable collection of quality exhaust system parts and packages. Our customized universal exhaust systems are known for solving the noise, vibration, backpressure problems, and other issues of inbuilt or factory exhaust system that limits the engine from performing well.  We offer exotic solutions for stainless steel products, mufflers, as well as customized and replaceable universal exhaust systems in Dubai. Our family of stainless steel elbows and SUV mufflers are uniquely crafted and defined to take the performance of the vehicle to the ultimate level.
Our universal SUV mufflers that we provide are the most reliable, practical, and up-to-date solutions available for optimizing the performance of SUVs. Our team is experts in designing and fabricating solutions that can be adjusted to provide an optimal installation package for your exhaust applications in Dubai.

Below given are the standard universal mufflers used in the normal setting we offer, they can be altered as per the client’s needs

we offer, they can be altered as per client’s needs