Universal tailpipes for every car are measured by their diameter according to the specifications listed by each vehicle manufacturer. Universal Tailpipe plays an important role in the exhaust system as all the remaining gasses exit the vehicle by way of the tailpipe. 


Foxskyline offers tailpipe expanders of varying sizes to meet your automotive needs from economy cars to luxuriant ones.  The problem with the tailpipes is they might wear out faster than other components of the exhaust systems and the universal tailpipes that are not functional can result in exhaust gasses leaking into the interior of the vehicle. Here in Fox skyline, we manufacture universal tailpipes from high-quality carbon steel to make it more durable and long-lasting. We provide the quality universal tailpipe for your car that operates easily with the simple turn of a wrench. Fox skyline offers the standard universal tailpipes to our clients which they can further modify according to their custom needs.

Following are the standard tailpipes we offer to our clients, but are not limited to this, they can be modified according to customer needs.

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